Dr. Ravish Patwardhan: Drug World

Novel drugs have the potential to make life-saving or life-improving changes. Dr. Ravish Patwardhan has discussed the tedious process of introduction of a new drug to market, with numerous involved personnel in companies.  While company CEOs have related the business aspects, Dr. Ravish Patwardhan has noted the different challenging perspective of scientists to achieve efficacy and minimize side effects.  Regulatory approval, in Phases, also needs to be met.

In evaluating new drugs, Dr. Ravish Patwardhan recommends the following questions:

  1. What are its indications?
  2. What is the efficacy?
  3. What are the side effects?
  4. Is it cost-prohibitive (to make and to sell)?
  5. Is there a better alternative?
  6. Is it truly the best option for the patient involved?
    (i.e. Would you take it as the best option for yourself or a family member, if you suffered for the problem that the drug claimed to help with?)