Dr. Ravish Patwardhan: Healthcare Policy World

Healthcare policy is a priority in political elections, national budgets, and most importantly, according to Dr. Ravish Patwardhan, having the ability to deliver proper care to an individual patient.  By being involved in healthcare delivery as a direct provider, in hospital committees
where product spending decisions are made, and in understanding the difference between marketing pressures from a company being sifted out vs. scientific validity, Dr. Ravish Patwardhan has significant background to be able to contribute to healthcare policy.

Healthcare policy needs to be viewed from each entity involved, according to Dr. Ravish
Patwardhan: primarily from a patient’s perspective, and secondarily from the manufacturing company for drugs and devices, insurance company, healthcare provider(s), legal implications, hospital, and other involved entities.

Minimizing costs, based upon research and development, but also in terms of avoiding or minimizing liability, should be considered in lieu of guidelines, according to Dr. Ravish Patwardhan.

Dr. Ravish Patwardhan acknowledges that while the concept of healthcare policy is complicated, an interaction between the various involved groups can significantly improve existing policy, and is worth exploring.